Stem - Susan Zoccola

Where is it?

Concourse A

This column stands just before the entrance to the Central Terminal from Concourse A.

About the Art

This column design for Sea-Tac is inspired by the “delicate complexity of the cellular structure of Northwest plant life.” Because the artist’s design was translated from watercolor to marble mosaic, the color scheme of the column is comprised of earthy tones and detailing that seems ethereal.

"My sculpture has been primarily inspired by natural forms […] New materials direct and inspire my artistic processes." – Susan Zoccola

The Details


Susan Zoccola




Mosaic column (glass, stone)


Approximately 10' in circumference (3' diameter) x 17' high

Did you know?

Zoccola is not only inspired by organic and natural material; she often uses animal gut as her material and creates sculptural forms that provide contrast to an urban and architectural setting.

  • <p>© Susan Zoccola</p>
  • <p>© Susan Zoccola</p>
  • <p>© Susan Zoccola</p>
  • <p>© Susan Zoccola</p>
  • <p>© Susan Zoccola</p>
  • <p>© Susan Zoccola</p>
  • <p>© Susan Zoccola</p>
  • <p>© Susan Zoccola</p>
  • <p>© Susan Zoccola</p>
  • <p>Photo courtesy of Don Wilson</p>

About the Artist

Susan Zoccola lives in Seattle and often finds inspiration in the fragility and ephemeral beauty of natural forms. Her artistic method is often described as experimental because she is known to use materials ranging from plaster and bee's wax to marble tesserae and steel.

Short Bio

The artist's past experience is as wide-ranging as her eclectic material palette. She has created elaborate surface treatments and interiors for rockstars, spas, and coffee shops. She is known not only for her collaborations with other artists, design teams, and fabricators, but for her relationship with her viewers. She states, “I have my intention and inspiration, but I am interested in their reaction.” Zoccola has exhibited her sculptural forms at William Traver Gallery, the Bellevue Art Museum, and the Bank of America Gallery.

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- Inflorescence: eleven charming light sculptures resembling pods of seeds line a number of city blocks in Everett.

- 3 Drops: a sculpture inspired by the movement of water droplets that acts as an entrance marker to the city of Lynnwood.

- Grass Blades: an icon of the Seattle Center, this sculpture brings a very organic quality to an urban setting. Despite being made of industrial materials, Grass Blades is reminiscent of flexible bamboo stalks.

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Stem - Susan Zoccola

Inspired by microscopic plant cells, this piece was designed to bring natural forms into a busy architectural space.