Seattle, 1997 - Robert Lyons

Where is it?

South Satellite

Lyons' Seattle is located in the Arrivals Hall of South Satellite.

About the Art

This project was specially commissioned in 1997 for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport's South Satellite. The photographs portray the city's urbanity, its natural beauty, and its multicultural diversity, offering viewers from all parts of the world a unique photographic portrait of Seattle.

The Details


Robert Lyons




Photographs (chromogenic prints)


Eight prints, 20" x 24"

Did you know?

Lyons is a photojournalist by trade. Photography that includes ethics and emotion, such as this series and his extensive work in documenting the aftermath of Rwandan genocide, allows him to abandon the objectivity required of him while working for the newspaper.

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About the Artist

With an extensive background in photography and visual arts, Robert Lyons has dedicated himself to the task of revealing hidden intricacies and beauty in what we assume to be the least idyllic of places.

"As an artist, I strive to 'peel back' layers to show something of my subject and myself. It is difficult to describe precisely how this is accomplished. I am always looking for that moment, that light, that gesture, or look in which to frame the image. If the fiction created reveals something, I have accomplished my work." – Robert Lyons

Short Bio

Robert Lyons holds a B.A. and an M.F.A. in photography. After attending graduate school, he was a teaching assistant at Yale University for a year while also exhibiting his photographs in Connecticut and Massachusetts. He is a published author six times over and some titles include Egyptian Time (1992) and Another Africa (1998). Lyons has served as a Trustee for the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle from 1999 until 2006 and was awarded the MacDowell Colony Residency in 2009.

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Seattle, 1997 - Robert Lyons

Eight photographs form a series documenting life in the city of Seattle during the 1990s.