Ships In Bottles - Jeff Simmons

About the Art

Jeff Simmons has been building ships in bottles for fifty years. He was inspired by the many sea stories he read while growing up on the Puget Sound and learned the maritime craft from his father C. Dean Simmons, a ship model building and commercial fisherman. His ships in bottles are historic vessels as well as those known in the Pacific Northwest. Containers include old whiskey bottles, pocket flasks, and his favorite, light bulbs.

The Details

Jeff’s ships in bottles are displayed at various locations throughout the Northwest. “How-to” demonstrations can be seen at the Foss Waterway Seaport in Tacoma, Washington.

A cherished memory of the early 1980s, Jeff was invited aboard the historic three masted wood schooner Wawona to work on and display his craft.

Traveling, remodeling houses, restoring old cars, outboard motors, and old ship models are some of his hobbies. Retired from the electrical trade, Jeff lives in Tacoma and spends part of the year living aboard his 32’ ketch, Electra.