Into the Mythos - Richard La Londe

Where is it?

South Satellite Train Station

La Londe's glass is installed on the façade of the Federal Inspection Services archway in the International Arrivals Hall.

About the Art

The flanking collages depict two separate realms—the earth-oriented on the left and the water-oriented on the right. The earth panel depicts trees, Raven with sun, and Liberty removing the blindfold. The water panel a water spirit coming out of a shell, heron, salmon, carved petroglyphs, spirit pouring abundance from shell, and an eye towards the future.

The glass above the two vertical panels features a nature spirit presenting the stars, killer whales, Mt. Rainier, an eagle, cloud spirits, a rainbow over Snoqualmie Falls, and the earth with hands that represent every human.

Information courtesy of Richard La Londe

The Details


Richard La Londe




Glass panels (fused glass)


Three panels, each 3' wide x 13' high

Did you know?

To achieve these glass compositions, La Londe uses crushed glass and then fuses the pieces in an electric kiln at a temperature of 1,550 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • <p>© Richard La Londe</p>
  • <p>© Richard La Londe</p>
  • <p>Photo courtesy of Don Wilson</p>

About the Artist

Richard La Londe “paints” with crushed glass, creating beautifully allegorical murals and glass sculptures. In the business of glass art since the 1970s, La Londe is considered one of the first artists to develop and experiment with new methods of applying crushed and fused glass.

"I delight in the technical aspects of glass. One minute it works, the next it falls on the floor and breaks, or it comes out of the kiln in pieces. So it's like being on the edge of the medium, and I like that aspect a lot." – Richard La Londe

Short Bio

With a degree in geology from the University of Washington, La Londe worked a series of odd jobs while pursuing a career in art. In between his duties as a commercial fisherman in Alaska and as a journeyman welder, La Londe was blowing glass and creating stained-glass windows.

In the 1980s, the Bullseye Glass Company, based out of Portland, produced the first complete color range of glass that did not crack when fused together. This versatile material has since become the defining characteristic of La Londe’s work.

Similar Artwork

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La Londe and Paul Marioni are both considered innovators in the medium of glass. Visit Paul Marioni’s restroom tiles that he completed with the help of Ann Troutner via the link below, and see the numerous differences between these artists’ works despite using the same medium.

Into the Mythos - Richard La Londe

Wonderful, innovative glass art that blends the natural aspects found in the Northwest with the mystical feelings of the past, present, and future.