Rain Cloud and Aquavein - New Volute

Where is it?

Concourse D

Rain Cloud is located in the first restrooms after entering Concourse D from the Central Terminal.

South Satellite

Aquavein can be viewed on the west end of South Satellite.

About the Art

Peter and Glenn integrate Northwest imagery into architectural elements with a style that complements and works well within the overall space. New Volute states that these restroom pieces "enlighten travelers of the joy of Northwest living.”

"Our goal is to create art that is integral to the architecture and at the same time helps add warmth and intimacy to the structure." - New Volute, Inc.

The Details


New Volute, Inc. (Peter Goetzinger and Glenn Herlihy)




Restroom sculptures (cast resin, cast concrete, anodized bronze, aluminum)

Did you know?

New Volute creates original sculptures that are cast in a variety of materials. The final material, whether it is concrete, glass, or metals, depends on the desired aesthetic of the site.

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About the Artists

Peter Goetzinger and Glenn Herlihy founded New Volute, Inc. because of similar goals. Both endeavor to create art that communicates specific ideas of place, purpose, and form by combining their skills in visual arts and landscape design.

Short Bios

Peter Goetzinger

Peter graduated with a degree in illustration from Utah State University and worked for four years in advertising. He eventually moved to Seattle and worked with his brother, Rolf, at a scenic mural company. There they created some of the most massive and exciting projects of their careers. In addition to his mural work, Peter formed New Volute with Glenn Herlihy, a company specializing in architectural cast concrete.

Glenn Herlihy

Glenn has worked tirelessly in the landscape business for over twenty years. As a community activist and organizer, he advocated for the revitalization of Jefferson Park in Beacon Hill. Herlihy co-founded New Volute with Peter and offered his understanding of landscape and space to architectural interiors.

Similar Artwork

Work by the Artists

- Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center: elevator surrounds that incorporate an airplane theme.

- Sound View Plaza: a series of window pediments depicting two northwest Mergansers for the plaza in Edmonds, Washington.

At the Airport

New Volute's restroom art pieces are not the only examples of integrated lavatory artwork beyond the security checkpoint. Visit Paul Marioni and Ann Troutner's mirror trims and Betz Bernhard's installations, all located in Concourses C and D. See the respective links below in the Connected Stories module.

Rain Cloud and Aquavein - New Volute

Peter Goetzinger and Glenn Herlihy worked together to improve the aesthetic appeal of the airport restrooms.