The Borne - Brian Swanson

Where is it?

Concourse B

Swanson's The Borne can be found in front of the Jim Green's Talking Drinking Fountains at Gate B-1 and near McDonald's.

About the Art

A 19th-century style bench made of red-painted metal encircles a column on Concourse B. The sculptural band around the top of the backrest contains a variety of mechanical parts artfully arranged to form a decorative accent. The armrests, varied in size and shape, are intended to hold books, cups, and potted plants. Each leg of the bench has a different and interesting decorative foot.

"With the concept of 'quality' as a hallmark of the machine age, I have focused on function, diversity, form, and style as aspects of the period from mid-19th to mid-20th centuries." – Brian Swanson

The Details


Brian Swanson




Sculptural seating (scrap steel)


4' 3" high x 8' in diameter

Did you know?

The eco-friendly drive to recycle materials in the Pacific Northwest forced Swanson to search rural junkyards and farm dumps in order to incorporate alluring metal found objects in his artwork.

  • <p>© Brian Swanson, photo courtesy of Don Wilson</p>
  • <p>© Brian Swanson</p>
  • <p>© Brian Swanson</p>
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  • <p>© Brian Swanson</p>
  • <p>© Brian Swanson</p>

About the Artist

Brian Swanson’s functional art pieces are loose derivations of historical designs. His materials, vintage found objects and scrap metal from junkyards, put a spin on and give edge to the classic constructions of leisure and rest.

Short Bio

He received an associate of arts degree in 1970 from Rock Valley College, Illinois, and later attended Western Illinois University to earn his B.A. in art in 1974. He attended Central Washington University and received his M.A. in sculpture in 1980. Swanson has worked in drafting, in machinery manufacturing, and in many phases of construction. His work experience complements his education and has led to artwork inspired by his interest in product design and the machine age.

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The Borne - Brian Swanson

A 19th-century style seating bench that encircles a column. The bench is made of red painted metal.