Pop Can Quilts - Ross Palmer Beecher

Where is it?

Concourse B

Pepsi Heart Quilt and Coke Flag are located near the restrooms by Gate B-2.

Concourse D

Coca-Cola Heart Quilt and Hires Root Beer Flag are on view by the restrooms near Gate D-5 between The Great American Bagel Bakery and Seattle’s Best.

About the Art

The quilts are constructed of soda pop cans and are bordered by tin links arranged into what Beecher describes as a “gum wrapper chain.” Two quilts feature flags and the other two depict quilted heart designs.

“People are humored when they see a common graphic, such as a Coke can, integrated into a grand-scaled banner or quilt […] people marvel at the fun, color, and cheerfulness of these quilts.” – Ross Palmer Beecher

The Details


Ross Palmer Beecher




Quilted panels (aluminum cans, recycled materials)


Four 3' 6" x 4' 6" quilts

Did you know?

In addition to Beecher's reformulations of the American flag and the classic quilt pattern, she has refashioned old film equipment to depict great film directors including David Lynch and Alfred Hitchcock.

  • <p>© Ross Palmer Beecher</p>
  • <p>© Ross Palmer Beecher</p>
  • <p>Photo courtesy of Don Wilson</p>
  • <p>Photo courtesy of Don Wilson</p>

About the Artist

Beecher views her artwork as a way of “cleaning the city,” gathering used items thrown away by their previous owners to create her pieces. Particularly keen on soda cans, the artist is known for her re-contextualization of iconic images. Just as Andy Warhol is celebrated for his prints of Campbell’s Soup, Beecher is recognized for her variations of the American flag, historical events, and entertainment personalities.

Short Bio

Originally from New England, Ross Beecher continues to practice in a medium rooted in her heritage. Quilting is an American folk art form that creates beautiful works of art from scraps of fabric. Now living in Seattle, Beecher uses found objects, soda cans, and scraps of tin to create contemporary “quilts.”

She is represented by Greg Kucera Gallery in Seattle, and her work is housed in various public and corporate collections. Beecher is featured in the permanent collections of Safeco, Tacoma Art Museum, Seattle Art Museum, and Microsoft Corporation. She has received a number of commissions throughout Western Washington.

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  • Ross Palmer Beecher, artist of Washington State, American Masterworks series

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Pop Can Quilts - Ross Palmer Beecher

Ross Palmer Beecher brings unusual materials into her variations of the American flag and classic quilt patterns.