Near Distance - Maxine Martell

Where is it?

Ticketing Level

You will find these wonderful paintings located in the passenger waiting area overlooking the atrium. Grab a cup of coffee at the Alki Bakery kiosk and enjoy the art in this area.

About the Art

For this site, Martell structured her paintings as landscapes with distinct and vast foregrounds, middle grounds, and backgrounds to provide depth to the area. The images provided by Near Distance are evocative of this region: sheer bluffs, a figure in the wind, forests (Diana becoming a tree), boats in a slough, a fisherman, a "tea jar" with marine life patterns. The artist intended for these paintings to trigger emotional responses in travelers – and those who wait.

Information courtesy of the artist

The Details


Maxine Martell




Painting (acrylic on canvas)


Five sets of two panels, each set is 5' 11" high x 8' 2" wide

Did you know?

In addition to printmaking and painting, Martell has also worked with experimental animated film using color Xerox, creating film that echoes her affinity for both montage and collage.

  • <p>© Maxine Martell</p>
  • <p>© Maxine Martell</p>
  • <p>© Maxine Martell</p>
  • <p>© Maxine Martell</p>
  • <p>Photo courtesy of Don Wilson</p>
  • <p>Photo courtesy of Don Wilson</p>
  • <p>Photo courtesy of Don Wilson</p>
  • <p>Photo courtesy of Don Wilson</p>
  • <p>Photo courtesy of Don Wilson</p>

About the Artist

Working as a painter and printmaker, Martell has been exhibited in numerous shows throughout the United States. Her work is installed at the U.S. Customs Station at Lynden, Washington, and the Temple Beth Shalom in Spokane.

"One of the traditional views of paintings is that they are windows – opening inward as well as outward." – Maxine Martell

Short Bio

Maxine has participated in the Florence Biennale, an international event in Italy that showcases multidisciplinary contemporary art. Outside of creating her own artwork, Martell has acted as a curator at Spokane’s Museum of Arts and Culture, a staff member at Seattle’s alternative gallery called and/or, as a designer for Photography Northwest, and as a trustee on the board of Pratt Fine Art Center in Seattle.

Similar Artwork

Work by Maxine Martell

- Passage: The U.S. Custom Station in Lynden, Washington, features a stained glass composition of a man running.

- Power to Move: a stained glass installation at Clover Park High School in Lakewood, Washington, provides brilliant yellows and blues to the hallways.

At the Airport

Interested in how grounds in an art piece provide depth? Visit Alden Mason’s piece in which the grounds are completely abolished. Mason, a fellow Northwest painter, makes clear the technical differences between these two artists. Follow the STQRY link below to see Mason’s Noah on a 40-Year Cruise at Sea-Tac.

Near Distance - Maxine Martell

A series of five paintings composed of two panels each. The images of interactions with nature, land, and climate are relative to our region.