Jackson Street After Hours - Eduardo Calderón

Where is it?

In Storage

The exhibit is located Pre-Security just outside of the B-Gates exit.

About the Art

Calderón's series of eight photographs document those most influential in Seattle's jazz scene. Photographs of Quincy Jones, Ray Charles, Patti Bown, Ernestine Anderson, Wanda Brown, and George "Buddy" Catlett are a few of the subjects. The eight photographs are part of a larger series of twenty-six, and the collection highlights the musicians that “put Seattle on par with Chicago and L.A. during the golden age of jazz.”

Information courtesy of Eduardo Calderón.

“People working for Quincy and Ray told us [Calderón and author of Jackson Street After Hours, Paul de Barros] we could only have a limited time to interview them […] But once they saw the old photographs and we started talking about the old days, mentioning names they hadn’t thought about for years, they just went on and on for hours.” – Eduardo Calderón

The Details


Eduardo Calderón




Photographic prints


Series of 8, each photograph is 16" wide x 20" high

Did you know?

The portraits were photographed at the musicians' homes or studios in an effort to create a sense of intimacy.

About the Artist

Eduardo Calderón’s photography appropriately functions as a lens that allows for viewers to gaze into the lives of others in an attempt to understand. Calderón maintains an objective approach throughout most of his photographic studies, this series at Sea-Tac being an exception. It is the mark of a gifted photographer to be capable of manipulating a setting to create scenes of intimacy or, on the other end of the spectrum, haunting atmospheres devoid of emotion despite the human subject.

Short Bio

Born in the capital city of Peru, Eduardo Calderón has practiced photography since the 1970s. He attended the University of Washington where he studied cultural anthropology and museology, fields that have both equally influenced his photography. Represented by Francine Seders Gallery in Seattle, Calderón has been shown throughout the nation and abroad.

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Jackson Street After Hours - Eduardo Calderón

This series of eight photographs were originally published in a book by Paul de Barros.