Cloud Walk - Vicki Scuri

Where is it?

Concourse C

Scuri's terrazzo floor pattern is found at Concourse C.

About the Art

If you wander across the scattered design of Vicki Scuri's Cloud Walk terrazzo floor at Concourse C, you might not even realize you are treading on public art. Cloud Walk depicts weather symbols, international cloud symbols, and navigation imagery.

The pattern terminates with a "weather clock," a circular image that converges at the end of the concourse, intended to create a kind of gathering place. The swirl of colors creates movement while providing a conclusion, suggesting a sense of arrival and promise that is both imaginative and playful.

Information courtesy of Vicki Scuri

The Details


Vicki Scuri




Terrazzo floor pattern (ceramic tile, neon, glass, found objects)

Did you know?

The color scheme of the floor is based on plane graphics and the environment of the Northwest.

  • <p>© Vicki Scuri</p>
  • <p>© Vicki Scuri</p>
  • <p>© Vicki Scuri</p>
  • <p>© Vicki Scuri</p>

About the Artist

Vicki Scuri hails from the West Coast and works as a public artist specializing in environmental design. Her projects vary from pedestrian and freeway bridges to garden landscapes, from lit public sculptures to terrazzo floors. Her use of patterns, sculptural form, and landscaping create functional pieces that encourage public engagement and imaginative interaction.

"We have to be more conscious of our urban environment. If we don't shape our public spaces, they shape us." – Vicki Scuri

Short Bio

As a member of the Downtown Seattle Transit Artist Design Team from 1985-1988, Scuri worked to translate her studio work into large-scale public installations to beautifully enhance the functional aesthetics of the Pacific Northwest commute.

Functional artwork that addresses the concerns and limitations of the site within the city is Scuri’s main concern at Scuri SiteWorks. Her collaborative designs provide public appeal and emphasize a community’s identity through “awareness of place, history, and culture.”

Similar Artwork

Work by Vicki Scuri

- Rails to Sails, Boren Avenue Parking Garage: the wall incorporates tire tread formliners to enhance the four-hundred car parking garage, creating a cross-cultural reference to the Yucatan's indigenous populations.

- The Great Wall, Interstate 5: a collection of retaining walls along the Interstate 5 corridor in Tacoma, reflecting imagery of the city's waterfront and natural environment.

At the Airport

Judith and Daniel Caldwell created a terrazzo floor for the airport, much like Scuri's, that also functions as artwork. Walk on over to Concourse B to experience the Caldwells' Flying Fish.

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Cloud Walk - Vicki Scuri

Wander across the scattered design of Vicki Scuri's terrazzo floor.